Family Trees from Augusta, Sicily

Founding Fathers from Augusta:

In an attempt to trace my own Marino relatives, I narrowed down the total number of original Marino families (so far) to 5. Most of all the Marinos descend from Andrea Marino (see above). As I gather more information, I will hopefully be able to place these groups more accurately (either together in related families, or distinct family groups)

As I collected the birth records, I organized each family into groups. As I discovered different family groups with common ancestors, I color coded them to more easily trace the lines (yellow is mine, from Andrea Marino).  A different color at the bottom of the group indicates that the eldest ancestor is from the founding member’s color (ie: yellow at the bottom means the group is descended from Andrea Marino)


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  3. 3.Type in the name (given or surname) of your ancestor.

HINT: Search for MAIDEN names.

The lines are color coordinated based on my original record searches prior to making the connections to Francesco DiMare.  Yellow denotes my immediate tree, and those lines that have yellow at the bottom of the group are also related to my tree.

It appears that all the DiMares descend from Francesco DiMare (b. 1718) and Vincenza Lesina.  A census record from 1753 shows that this couple had 4 sons living in that year: Sebastiano (age 15), Vincenzo (7), Santo (2), and Rosario (1). On the census record, the name is actually “Mari”, and the evolution to “di Mari” and “DiMare” must have come later in the 1700‘s when applied to his sons.  Only Sebastiano and Santo (my tree) married and continued to live in Augusta, and all families can trace their lines to these two men. 

Francesco DiMare (b. 1713) family tree on

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