Genealogy Records of Augusta, Sicily

When scanning birth records, keep in mind children are usually born within 2 years of their siblings. However, that being said, sometimes there are gaps of 5 or more years around the 1900‘s, indicating a husband who may have emigrated and then returned.  You can find the entire family group for a marriage couple by scanning from the marriage date, or starting with a known child and scanning earlier/later for siblings. In many families the same given name appears more than once, indicating that the first child died.  This is because, according to tradition, the next child born is named after the recently deceased sibling.

Marriage records are extremely useful in tracing two generations of ancestors.  Even better for this are the Allegati records: marriage records that contain the Marriage Banns, birth records or baptismal records for both the bride and groom, and death certificates of a former spouse (if one is a widow/er) and a deceased parent (usually only the father but sometimes also the mother). In addition, if the father was deceased, the Allegati would ALSO contain the death certificate of the grandfather, thus giving the approximate/exact birth dates and death dates for THREE generations! Where possible, all generations found on the record are listed.

After finding all the children born to a couple, death records can then be used to verify which children survived to adulthood. Especially in the early 20th century, the LACK of a death records AND marriage record often indicates that the individual emigrated from Augusta.


DiMare *   Marino *   Morello    Amara    Tringali    Saraceno

* DiMare and Marino trees are more complete than other surnames listed here


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HINT: Search for MAIDEN names. You will NEVER find the same  name combination of spouse and groom in the same generation, so searching by the mother’s maiden name will yield a more accurate result.

* Records for marriages 1893-1899 do not exist, indicating possible loss or destruction, such as a fire.

To research other surnames or retrieve the records in the files listed here:

List of microfilms from Registri dello stato civile di Augusta (Siracusa), 1820-1929

Digital records for Births, Deaths and Marriages 1900-1929 at

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